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Rotherham Carers’ Forum
Supporting & empowering Carers to be heard & achieve better outcomes
Rotherham Carers’ Forum is an independent group which enables informal and family carers (unpaid), to have voice in shaping services in Rotherham.
We aim to work together as a strategic partner with Local Authority, Health Service, Voluntary and Communities organisation, charities and groups as an equal partner, participating and influencing local decision making on services for carers and their families.
Carers Forum meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month between 12 noon - 2.00 pm

Carers Forum regularly invites different speakers from other agencies to speak on issues which are relevant to carers.

If you like to join the group then come along and meet Rotherham Carers’ Forum at:

Carers Corner, R.A.I.N Building, Room 41 Eastwood Lane, Rotherham. S65 1EQ
Become a Carers Forum group member and help us to have a say in shaping services for Carers of Rotherham.

For further information contact Jayne Price by email:
Or ring Carers Corner on 01709 254809. 
Rotherham Carers Forum also has a Facebook page: Rotherham Carers Forum